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eReporting management system

DKV eReporting - adds value to every transport company.

Thanks to DKV eReporting you can carefully monitor your progress towards achieving your goals. The DKV eReporting platform delivers individual and always up-to-date reports on your vehicle stock. The platform, developed by industry experts and practically tested, will make your daily work much easier. This service will enable you to promptly respond to any needs.

With our system, with just a click of a button you can access detailed reports and analyses on:

  • DKV transaction data
  • toll passages lists
  • driving performance and fuel consumption data
  • CO2 emissions

DKV Forms – may be completed electronically

To register for a number of services, you will need to complete a dedicated printed form. To make our clients’ work easier, we have posted all the forms that may be required to obtain access to DKV services at our website. You can find them in a separate tab of Online Services. The forms are available in the PDF format and may be completed electronically and then printed out.

Fuel station search engine – find the nearest best price fuel stations

How to find the closest DKV station? All you need to do is mark your location on an interactive map available in the service Find a DKV Station. The service will list local stations according to distance or current fuel prices. To refine your search, you may use a number of filters such as the station’s owner, type and price of fuel, available services, etc.

Plan your route with DKV – choose the most economic refuelling locations

Do you know that by selecting the most economical fuel stations you can save 7-10% of the fuel costs? The free Route planning service will help you to find the best fuel prices. You only need to set your origin and destination and then search for the shortest route. The service will display fuel stations and garages located along the route. The planner will mark the best-priced stations, listing the current and average fuel prices.

The system will also calculate road tolls payable in particular countries. Thanks to these features, you will know the cost of a given freight even before your driver sets off on the way. Furthermore, you can track your driver’s payments in real time via eReporting, making sure that the driver follows your suggestions.

Holiday Schedule – stay always up to date

In Poland and other countries trucks are banned from roads on national and religious holidays. Since every country has a different holiday calendar, each year we draw up a table comparing holiday dates in 39 countries of Europe. A dedicated schedule can be downloaded from the Route planning section of our website.

Road Toll Service – your guide on the European road toll collection systems

So far, European road tolls systems have not been unified as part of the EU integration scheme. Each country uses different methods of charging tolls which causes enormous difficulties for transporting companies. Depending on a motorway operator, tolls are calculated on the basis of such factors as the vehicle’s weight, number of axles or exhaust emissions.

With our Road Tolls web service, you can plan ahead your motorway, bridge and tunnel toll expenses. The service includes a special calculator which computes a total amount of tolls payable for a given route. It also presents the description of toll collection systems operating throughout Europe. To obtain detailed information on toll regulations and rates, click on a given country on the map.

Combined traffic

The advantages of the combined traffic model go without saying. For one thing, if your trucks are transported by rail, you don’t need to worry about any holiday traffic bans. For another, drivers may use the time spent on the train to relax, which reduces their total work time and thus lowers haulage costs. At the same time, however, you must be aware of slightly higher costs of railway transportation. Do you want to know more? Try our combined traffic rate calculator. It displays not only the current rates but also shows the timetables of selected train connections throughout Europe.