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Why DKV?

DKV does not require any financial security from customers who wish to use the DKV’s post-paid toll billing method.

All users of the system may process their toll payments with DKV – you don’t have to be a DKV customer.

For many years, DKV has been a proven partner of European hauliers. The company operates in the majority of countries with systems of tolled roads. Thanks to DKV’s experience, its customers are given advantageous terms of cooperation and may use a wide range of value-added services:

  • Billing and payment processing services in all toll road systems in Europe
  • eReporting, an online road toll payment management tool
  • Assistance in completing registration documents in Poland and elsewhere in Europe
  • Refund of the VAT paid for road tolls and fuel in Europe
  • Free, post-paid fuel card which enables deferred payments of fuel costs
  • Invoices issued every two weeks, in paper and electronic versions, payable within the convenient term of 21 days
  • Best fuel prices within the most developed network of stations in Poland and elsewhere in Europe
  • Multi-lingual customer service, including Polish

Benefits of DKV’s viaTOLL services:

  • No requirement of financial security for new post-paid customers
  • Deferred payments, made against invoices payable within 14 days
  • No obligation to use other DKV services apart from viaTOLL

We are looking forward to working with you!