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Toll payment and billing

Find out how much you can gain if you decide to use the toll payment and billing services offered by DKV Card operator.


  • Enjoy one-stop-shop billing of tolls charged in different countries.
  •  Apart from tolls, the billing system enables you to pay for other expenses such as purchases of fuel and accessories at fuel stations.


  • When you travel on motorways with standard toll gates, you can pay tolls with your DKV Card, accepted at over 54,000 and 3,400 locations, in Europe and Poland respectively.
  • Toll payment for travelling on motorway with electronic gantries can be charged and paid via the DKV Box electronic on-board unit.


  • Instead of piling receipts, you have one legible invoice for fuel and other services, payable within 21 days.

  • All companies can claim refunds of the VAT paid abroad, including in the convenient way of net invoicing (purchases are made already at net prices).

State-of-the-art technology

  • All DKV customers have access to eReporting, the online platform which enables them to plan and review payments of the entire fleet (fuel expenses, road tolls and purchases of services), track VAT refund status and generate warning reports of unscheduled transactions.
  • The customers can also use, free of charge, a package of online transport support tools, such as DKV Maps.