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Toll2GO – Germany and Austria

A common toll system for Austria and Germany

Since September 2011 drivers frequently travelling in the territory of Austria and Germany can use Toll2GO, the common road toll system which covers both countries.

The system has been launched in response to suggestions of the European Union which recommended reducing the number of OBUs installed in a single vehicle.

Toll2GO service is available free of charge for both the customers using the Austrian GO Maut and the users of German Toll Collect.

The drivers concluding the contract for the first time need only to pay ASFINAG a one-off handling charge of EUR 5.

The systems use a single, common on-board unit but tolls are charged and paid separately.  In consequence, customers will receive an invoice from ASFINAG for tolls charged in Austria and a separate Toll Collect invoice for payments collected on German motorways.

How to use Toll2GO?

To become a registered user of Toll2GO, one needs to have a valid contract with the German Toll Collect system as well as an operational Toll Collect on-board unit. Austrian Toll2GO road tolls may only be post-paid.

Registration in Toll2GO

Initially, customers could use two methods of registering in the Toll2GO system: register via the SelfCare Portal online service or mail a paper form to the system’s operator. Since 2012 the forms are no longer accepted Online registration is now the only available way to use the common Toll Collect on-board unit in Austria.

To register through the SelfCare Portal, a user needs to go to the website of ASFINAG, the system’s operator, and enter their Toll Collect number. The application will guide the user through a self-registration process during which the user has to enter the vehicle’s registration number, number of axles and its Euro emission class. The registration platform will also enable users to select the payment method: a fuel card, a credit card or a pay card.

Users may easily and quickly migrate their device to the Toll2GO system but may want to follow these recommendations:

  • Since the registration tool is not intuitive, please carefully read the user’s guide and instructions appearing on the SelfCare Portal.
  • Users who already have GO-Box devices must disable them for the duration of the registration process.
  • The device will be disabled automatically after the user’s activation in the Toll2GO system.
  • Upon completion of the registration, GO-Box device must be returned to a distribution point.
  • SelfCare service is not available in Polish.

If the unit cannot be activated instantly for any reason, e.g. because incomplete or contradictory data have been provided, the user will receive a relevant notification from ASFINAG.

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