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Tolls in Austria (GO)

Please remember that the road toll systems for goods vehicles which operate in Austria (GO) and Germany (Toll Collect) are interconnected. Hauliers may pay tolls charged under the systems separately, or register for Toll2GO service and have their tolls billed via a single Toll Collect on-board unit. A vast majority of transport companies choose the latter option.

  • DKV has recently introduced the new “Flexible Maut” (flexible toll) package for Toll Collect services. Customers using the package do not pay any commission on Toll Collect payments billed and paid through DKV.
  • Following the recent changes of the Toll Collect system, the on-board unit ordering process has been streamlined and an order is processed within maximum 24 hours. A haulier should only complete and send an online form which may be downloaded from http://www.toll-collect.de/pl. Upon sending the form, the haulier will receive user’s number which must present at an authorised car service in order to have the device installed in a vehicle.

Application form – GO Maut road tolls in Austria