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Tolls in France (TIS PL)

DKV is the first fuel card operator offering a proprietary interoperational on-board unit that may be used for billing and payment purposes across different national road toll systems. The device, named DKV Box, allows for the billing and payment of road tolls in France, Spain and Portugal, and tunnel charges in Germany and Belgium.

Customers of DKV gain access to a range of value-added benefits:

  • One DKV Box supports the French road toll scheme TIS PL.
  • Discounts offered by the operators of French motorways are fully available for the DKV customers; the savings may be as high as 13% (TIS PL).
  • DKV provides a convenient way to claim VAT paid on French motorway tolls: this is done via net invoicing (the tax is immediately deducted from the invoiced amount).
  • If a haulier does not want to use the automatic toll billing system, payments can be made with a DKV Card at motorway toll gates.

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